Chine Collé: A collage technique, using fine tissue to introduce images, colour and texture within a larger image. The tissue can be applied at any time during the printing process. The collaged image has its own unique character, in much of this work, the tissue print is created directly from the object.

Intaglio process: A printing process which involves pushing ink into the folds, grooves or texture of the object. The surplus surface ink is cleaned with hard muslin. The inked material is placed on the bed of an etching press (this press resembles a large mangle) and a damp sheet of paper is placed on the inked component and is backed with fine felt blankets. This sandwich is taken through the press under great pressure. The soft paper is pushed into the contours of the object and when the paper is peeled off, an impression is deposited there. This form of printing cannot be automated, an automatic press has never been invented that can produce an image with the same qualities.